Chat Rules

All users are REQUIRED to take notice of the following rules and observe them:

DevPro-English Specific Clauses

Do NOT disrupt the chat’s enviroment. Any attempts to start a fight (flaming), harrassment or excessive insulting will not be tolerated. This includes non-productive statements like ” X > DevPro” with malice or intent to disrupt the conversation.

DevPro-German Specific Clauses

Free of the spam rules: blubderfisch(cookie bot) – additional: all users who do not like the cookie bot spam should put him on the ignore list.

Racism talk is strictly forbidden. Any other racially motivated terminology will be at the discretion of the active mods.

Begging for cookies is not allowed. (Normal asking, Cookies 4 Cookie trade, etc. is allowed if not used too often)

All channel rules:

Caps – the excessive use of capital letters eg. “I WANT THE UPDATE NOW”, “can someone tell me WHEN IS THE UPDATE”.

To maintain a friendly chat environment and prevent it from getting out of hand, we advise you to remain calm and civilized if any serious topic like religion, politics and other social controversies emerge. All types of conversations are allowed but a mod can end an argument at any given time and will discipline people if it is not ended right then and there.

Messages which promote – or evoke – illegal practices are prohibited.

All Users must respect all Admins in the chat. Do not tell the staff members how to do their job, if you have any concern with the way an admin handles a situation, or need to report an infraction, please direct it to their respective PMs.

Any personal attack on staff members or users is considered harassment and therefore prohibited completely. Please be respectful of them as they volunteer their time to make the chat functional.

All users have to respect other users. This includes beliefs, opinions, and dislikes.

Any form of spam is prohibited, this includes:

Using multiple repeated letters in one word

Eg. “noooooooo”

Eg. no…………

Eg. no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Repeating messages or variants of any kind.

Flooding – The expression of typing 4 or more lines of text within an amount of time that clogs the chat window. The standard is 4 lines within 10 seconds. Anything else is up to the active staff’s preferences.

Links that provide inappropriate images or content or are inappropriate in itself are prohibited.

Inappropriate usernames will be deleted without warning.

Advertisement for any corporation, business or non-yugioh tournaments is not allowed. Please contact a member of the staff to obtain approval before advertising any unofficial Tournaments.

Please use the respective chat language; the constant use of another language will be considered as spam if other users are bothered by it.

Generally any message contravening laws of the United States of America are prohibited. This includes threatening, assault, blackmail, and other actions punishable by law.

Falsifying and manipulating users, software, or data in a way that compromises the integrity of DevPro or it’s functionality. This includes software modifications, impersonated a staff member, spamming duel requests/attempts to overload the server, or evading punishments.

Any violation will result in appropriate actions of the moderators, starting with a warning in form of a kick from the server or a verbal warning. Depending on the violation, a warning can also be skipped.
In case of non-observance of this warning, further actions will take place, starting with a mute (time is depending on the seriousness of the violation) and ultimately reaching a permanent ban from the system.
Any form of mute- or ban-evade will result in a higher penalty.

General Punishment Guidelines for Multiple Offenders

1-3 Hours

6-8 Hours

12 Hours

24 Hours

48-72 Hours


Severity of actions may increase the level of punishment applied.

Conduct for PMs and In-Game Communications

If there are multiple attempts for unwanted communication, spam, or content that would violate chat rules in a pm or interfere with a duel in-game, contact a mod so they can handle the situation. Only a staff with a [SMod] or higher rank can take action, so patience is required for the situation to be fully resolved. Please provide the relevant screenshots or logs so we have the necessary information needed to take action. Repeat offenders will be given a more severe punishment, so it is important for users to inform us to maintain a safe environment to have on DevPro.

Repeatedly asking staff to be un-muted or un-banned for an action that was deemed appropriate for violation of rules is prohibited. This may result in a more severe punishment or extended length of punishment.

Updated 04/09/2017