Reasons why you can’t be mod Part II

Here’s 55 more reasons on why you can’t be an admin.
You can read the first 45 reasons here
46. Deco is level 99
47. Yu told you to D/D/Delete this
48. Mill yourself
49. You don’t have the moves like Jagger
50. You don’t have enough EGAO
51. You voted Trump
52. [Insert reason here]
53. You wouldn’t rub Sol’s belly.
54. RNJesus fucked you over
56. Heya isn’t triggered by you
57. Never gonna give you up
58. Never gonna let you down
59. Never gonna run around and, desert you
60. You stopped reading after the rickroll
61. You voted Hillary
62. You clicked this link
63. You’re still reading
64. You didn’t 1v1 Sol on Rust
65. It’s not as easy as ABC 123
66. You’re part of the problem
67. You think misplays are bugs
68. You don’t blame Deco
69. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
70. You lost to BEWD
71. Has199 thinks you’re a scrub
72. You chained Solemn Strike to Level Eater
73. Your mother never loved you
74. It’s been 18 years and your dad still isn’t back from Wal-Mart
75. You PM WeekendWarrior on a Tuesday
76. You think Pot of Desires is a -9
77. Caz_Smiles frowned
78. You can’t stick your tongue out and breathe at the same time
79. You tried it and realized you can.
80. Ice Bear does not approve
81. You haven’t called Gallade a shit
82. You don’t think Heya should be helper
85. Zoidberg is a better choice
86. :^)
87. Error Loading Launcher.config
88. Your Access has been Denied
89. You put a silencer on a shotgun
90. You don’t think Mei is Ameizing
91. You’re not as furry as Solgaleo
92. You aren’t as rich as Dashley
93. You didn’t open Exodia
94. You run Desires in BA
95. You still use “XD”
96. You’re mentally underraged
97. Plants don’t feel like a real woman
98. It’s not a phase DAD
99. You’re not a Ravenclaw
100. You’re talkin’ about SA17 but he doesn’t see the shade