Reasons why you can’t be mod

Here are the top 45 reasons on why you can’t be a mod for YGOPro DevPro:
1. You asked
2. We already have enough Dictat- Uhh… Mods
3. You must know the secret
4. You have to eat all the veggies
5. Young Metro don’t trust you
6. DevBot don’t trust you
7. You’re a wizard Harry
8. You don’t know that MST does not negate aka You think MST negates
9. Cuz MST negates
10. You haven’t hacked TDOANE
11. You don’t have a master degree and 10 years of work experience
12. You are not an illuminati nor a freemason
13. We were here before
14. You sleep
15. You are not gluten-free
16. You don’t speak English, German, French, Spanish, Gaelic, Celtic and Cantonese
17. You don’t know what arcebiscopas mean
18. You haven’t experienced IV’s fan service
19. My momma don’t like you (and she likes everyone)
20. You don’t run Brilliant Fusion in everything
21. Your joke was bad and you should feel bad
22. You haven’t won with Cloudians
23. You haven’t linked the fire
24. You chained Maxx “C” to Pot of Duality
25. You’re friends with Krillin
26. You think Chaos Dragons are bad
28. You think HEROs are bad
29. You called DBZ the same thing as DragonBall
30. You put a “Z” in Kai
32. You’ve decided to go blonde again, it still won’t make a difference.
33. Because you may make our current staff redundant.
34. Lil WeekendWarrior don’t trust you
35. You haven’t climbed DrLadders
36. You don’t know how to play Six Sams without Gateway of the Six
37. You aren’t bro enough for bromantic
38. You’ve never played Tele-DAD
39. You played Card of Demise in Exodia
40. Jet fuel can’t melt icematoro
41. You do not know how to recode std::bind in C++11 using the fact substitution failure is not an error.
42. Because you think gen 1 was best gen
43. You fire shots and keep missing
44. You can’t enjoy Enjoyable
45. You failed to realize there’s 44 reasons listed